There’s a moment in The Good Place where our protagonist Eleanor chooses from a limitless array of frozen yogurt flavours, finally landing on Fully Charged Cell Phone Battery. “This really is satisfying.” she proclaims with a nod. It’s an incredible bit of social commentary, pointing directly at where we are in place and time. Of […]

On the Ground

We’ve made a terrible mistake. The bags quietly hit the floor and we remove our shoes. She gently pulls open the curtains and we peer through the accordion bars at a yellowish-gray wall, neatly crowned with spiraling barbed wire. Light filters in, but it’s a musty, flaccid light, with little soul, or flare. We exchange […]


A sense of ground, a need for here I don’t always have it at the end of the day. I’m flustered a sea of distraction maze of ideas that small hint of what was the thing I told myself to remember and take care of who was I supposed to email again oh crap I […]


This guy, I mean, look. There was a time when he admitted I was a friend. Doesn’t help that there’s an extra layer of weight on it all – this feeling that I’ve let him down because of what happened the day I should have been looking out, should have handled things differently. And now […]