The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythm * When crossing the street in Vietnam, you do it with rhythm Two, four, six lanes of traffic, steady. Cadent. Like how you pass days in quarantine. We’re stuck here For the first couple […]

i didn’t know

Treasure waits patiently at the base of the tree for the seven-year old to discover cracked open, stained. all hardened amber spoils long gone, lunch, for a peckish gecko or maybe it’s instead a gecko’s egg It has Elephant wondering what kind of mammals are birds? We’re quick to respond birds aren’t mammals, mammals don’t […]


I really love to gamble. At first, the mask is uncomfortable as it rings my ears and defines the lower half of my face, all tiny checkerboard, black dancing with white. My nose whistles gently as hot breath filters through. I get used to it though, and forget that I have the mask on. Until […]


Feeling a bit of the non sequitur tonight make the most of this I remind myself. Apropos of nothing a buddy just shared that Boris Johnson has COVID. Despite disagreeing with much of the man, and what he stands for, I don’t, and won’t, wish it on anyone. I’m hopeful he will, thru his experience, […]

poorly lit

nights as a boy often went like this I remember sprinting home from school, throwing my backpack down and bundling up in my toque and jacket. A flurry of boots and mitts, I sprinted back across the street to the parking lot. Where, on the daily, magic happened. Usually me and a buddy or two, […]


At first, I’m not sure what to say I wander through the produce section, and it all feels foreign but familiar at the same time. Perhaps it’s the four-odd years’ absence from these stores that has made my heart grow. I’m awestruck, at what is here, in front of me. Almost ripe, immaculate avocados, impossibly […]