The days before proper Spring are cynics.

We follow their lead, and are solidified. Ensconced. Chrysalid.

These days we, along with this city of millions, are on lockdown. But we still find a way to venture out.

Let’s try to grab a bite

The weather persists. Cool, wet, saturated, all drizzle and (small p) acific nw.

they call it Moldy March for a reason

Even now, among this extended gestation, there are signs of emergence

Pockets of the city are vibrant, alive,

the breathe in, and out.

We’re antsy, today. Begging to slip the cocoon, branch out, take flight. So we meander, hopeful to find a nibble as we go. We pass shops, shuttered, metal doors closing us off to the world that lays behind.

Do you even remember what was here?

We pass our favoured restaurants, well lit and ready for business, encouraged by the warmth.

We might be in luck

But at each stop, the same sign, scrawled hastily in chalk, greets and gives pause.

sorry, take away or delivery only please

Despite our hopes, it’s not our night, nor our week, to dine out. Our hanger fuels our disappointment.

But we are reminded that there is more to this, something bigger afoot. Of friends abroad, for whom it’s not only not the night, not the week, nor their year, to eat out.

We pause and take stock of what we have. And look forward to that imminent, anticipated, treasured moment

When we all get to spread our wings

Published by Radutti

Teaching in Ha Noi, screwing things up daily but surviving to write about it. ...everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

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  1. I like how you compare this situation to being cocooned. It gives hope that we all will emerge from this as a new version of ourselves.

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