hoods or hats

I’m nearing the end of sharing yesterday’s slice with the kids. I’ve been trying on some new moves and curious to see how they land in a room full of 9-year olds.

Savvy literary aficionados or not, they still listen.

And this, after years in this profession, still amazes me. Kids love a great story.

Or even a so-so one.

I come to the end of the post, and they pause.

They’re so quiet

Did they like it?

Moving on, as 4th graders do, one of them offers

You should write about us!

A chorus of voices responds


I’m in.

That sounds amazing! But, what should I write about?

Like, did anything happen getting to art and back?

What happened on the playground today!

They say, assuming I know.

Yeah, like when Ms. C asked should we wear hoods or hats? And what’s the difference?

Suddenly they’re fired up.

You could also share our song!

Now, this is interesting.

What song?

We’re writing a song!

*Some-body once told me the world was macaroni so i took a bite out of a tree

it tasted like a pony and I thought that was funny so I bit a mon-keeeey

the monkey was sad and felt like I was bad and pushed me out of the tree

a hundred years later he turned into Darth Vader and sliced me into three*

Hat tip to 4C for the inspiration.

Not sure where they’ll go with the song. but for the time being, I’m pretty impressed.

So I’m running with it.

* Not my verses, this is solely the work of T&N, 4th grade wandering minstrels

Published by Radutti

Teaching in Ha Noi, screwing things up daily but surviving to write about it. ...everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

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  1. I love this. Your students are very creative and remind me of the modernist mantra “make it new.” I hope their creativity never wanes.

    BTW: I started my blog specifically to write about and focus on the good things in my teaching life and to share stories about students. My one philosophy was to always show students in positive wats.

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  2. Thanks for the silly song! I loved how you shared your class with us. The details were captivating.


  3. Ha! Loved the line about kids being “savvy afficionados” – I mean c’mon. Kids like what they like, and are NOT afraid to let anyone know. I’m glad the kids got such fun out of knowing you were writing about them! Will they get to read this post? Also adding: the song “All Star” is now echoing through my brain. Thank you. ; )

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      1. Actually, it’s good. There’s one student of mine from a long while ago, when that song was on the charts. It was her favorite song. Hearing it always reminds me of her. Actually, she got married today. Amazing how the universe comes together like that.

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  4. I haven’t shared much this year with my chickadees because, for some reason, everything I’ve written has been peppered with profanity! Ha! I guess I should just edit the posts, but I don’t seem to have enough time. They DO love a good story, don’t they? And they just look at me in awe when I’ve read anything I’ve written, crappy or no. I’ve written a few posts about my class in the past, and they definitely LOVE anything I write about my dog. Your post made me smile. Thanks.

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