Hearts in Snow

President Obama famously described having kids as living with a piece of your heart, out there, wandering around in the world

And today, two pieces of my heart are not wandering, but sliding, gracefully down the snow-covered slope

In front of me

Sometimes slowing within reach, others wrapping around the bend, and drifting out of sight

When a piece of your heart is out there, in the world, wandering,




and, sometimes, hurting

The push and pull of being Papa rears its head

Keep them safe, above all

And, paradoxically, cheerlead them towards adventure, bravado,

and expansion, into this wide, wild world.

Some say that what you want for your child is just a mirror to what you want for yourself.

And maybe this is true

But when it rears its head as uneasy, unrealistic, and unfair expectations

It perches, extra weight, atop the shoulders of these two pieces of my heart.

But still, they say


We can do it, Papa

They carry this weight, without fear, or resentment, or scorn

and glide, silently in front of me,

gracefully making their way around the bend

Published by Radutti

Teaching in Ha Noi, screwing things up daily but surviving to write about it. ...everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

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  1. It took me a moment to realize the snow was real- youre not at home anymore! Now I see the bend and your boys flashing away from you and out of sight. Perfect metaphor to accompany your opening quote. I am even seeing red on white- heart on snow- somehow.


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