My wheels are spinning Cognitive load is real A virtual meeting with 60 colleagues. But keep your distance, y’all. Plenty of gratitude and smiles, and a sense of ‘we’re in this together’ fuel me for a while. It’s not the same as being together, in a real room, but it’s better than nothing. After that, […]

social distancing

I’m living in a 2-dimensional world. The keys clack gently and I respond to another thread. Thread. What’s the plan for Inquiry next week? Thread. Can you respond to that parent email? Thread. We need to strategize to streamline our communication. All consciousness, all ideas, all trapped in a 13-inch screen. Unraveling, before me. And […]

bike pedaler

Mr. Dung’s shop is waiting for me, again. I pass it every day. And every day I vow to go to another shop, a place where I might get better parts, better prices. But, when I think about it, probably not better service. Nestled quietly between the temple and the most impossible tiny corner store […]

do caution

The workers lazily amble back from lunch. It’s Sunday for us, work day for them. Do they ever get a day off? The corrugated, graffiti’d walls tower over the sidewalk, masking the monstrous new edifice on its way to our hood. Stretching for hundreds of meters, the block is blocked from view. Except for the […]

What if

The heat is coming I can already sense a difference. Three days ago, a chill winter day with a cool, wet breeze. I bundled up on the ride home but still caught chill. Today’s a different animal. Humidity and heat peek through the hazy sky and, frisbee tucked under my arm, sweat leaking, I make […]

be flat

Elephant nestles between my shoulder and ribs Papa Yes bud The hierarchy goes like this I instantly wonder if he knows what a hierarchy is. I gaze at the ceiling fan as it drifts slowly to a stop, and I pause to hear myself breathe. It’s been a day. Too much to manage. But this […]


We travel as I imagine electrons might through a cord wrapped around a thousand corners. Aligned, flowing, sparking, ensuring power. The route is windy, and windy. But purposeful. There’s a here to there here, and people travel with the end in mind. I follow my friends on their classic hog, looking like an advert for […]

greatest of all time

Dog Poop Park is packed today It’s the usual, glorious intersection of humans that gathers. Local families and their kids, elderly exercisers swinging on futuristic (but simple) machines, young footballers knocking about a too-hard plastic ball, ex-pats and backpackers taking a breath And a collection of dogs and their owners, who think and act differently. […]


The family didn’t have to help. I’ve wheeled my packed cart outside, trying to make sense of the flow of traffic. An ocean of cars, scooters, and trucks, a steady, rhythmic wave Everyone honks There’s purpose to it all. it’s more than a parking lot, not quite a thoroughfare, and somehow people make their way […]