I’m alone in the dark when I see the blinding flash Did something explode I glance out through the translucent curtains, half expecting to see a building aflame, but there is no smoke, and no fire. I crack the window open, listening for any kind of scuffle, sirens, something to clue into the source. When […]


It is dark Volcanic outcrops huddle, as if for warmth. Towering above the darkened rice paddies, they protect this valley, sturdy gods, steadfast. The gray sun bid adieu hours ago, stars peeping through a canopy of trees. This should be a time for silence. But the valley has other ideas Rhino peers across the pond […]


Mr. Edwin handles the boxes with care Twenty-seven step step step Twenty-seven. Ok. Thirty-four step step step K. Eighteen. One-eight. step step step The work is methodical, rhythmic. Mr. Edwin unhurried, steady. He moves with a grace and precision belying his relaxed manner. Carrying the boxes through the propped-open double doorway. Music drifts, dreamlike, down […]

slow down

A boy steadily moves toward becoming a man, and time is hurtling by. We decide to slow down. So today our trip is on foot. He’s planned the route with our retro GPS. We call it a map. We have a goal in mind, his favorite restaurant for a lunch date. Just me and Rhino, […]


Our mother earth, steadfast, rhythmic, makes her way around the sun. Roughly 23 of those orbits ago, I stepped onto a ferry bound for an island in the Japan Sea, to a celebration of the earth, of art, music, dance. But especially, of drums. I found Kodo. Taiko drum warriors, gods among men. I listened, danced, […]


It’s been a while since I journeyed over to Tro Tro street. Evelyn knows this, and greets me in kind. Long time! How are you? All good? Yes, good to see you! I do my business and exchange cedis with her. She’s always happy to see her customers. And we’re happy to see her. I’m […]

where there’s a wheel

Cart one wobbles by. Empty, the operator imagining a load he’s yet to find. Cart two follows. Centimeter-thick metal wire interlaced on top. Scraps or treasures, depending on your preference, destined to find repurpose. Three men accompany these wheels. Trousers, and untucked sweaty tee-shirts, they are working today. I wonder about their destination, where the […]